After a surprise debut and 10 episodes, Louis C.K. says the end has come for Horace and Pete.

In an email to fans on Saturday, the comedian said it was a “very sad thing to be done with” the web series.

“I didn’t want to say, in the last email, that it was the last episode,” he wrote. “Because I didn’t want you to know, as you watched the episode, that it would be the last one. But yeah, obviously, That was it.”

The full season of Horace and Pete are now available on his website for $31, C.K. added. He also expressed gratitude to those who worked with him on the project and those who watched.

“I wanted to say it is a singular experience to have done this show and a very very sad thing to be done doing it. I loved telling that/those story(ies). I loved working in that (fake) bar with that crew for those 10 weeks,” he said, praising the actors who worked with him on the project.

After the final episode wrapped, he added, “the cast crew and I put real beer on the taps at Horace and Pete’s and we had a drink and we talked. I don’t think we’ll ever experience anything like that show again. I miss all of them.”

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Last week, C.K. said in an interview that making Horace and Pete put him “millions of dollars of debt.” He told Howard Stern, “I got so excited about having the show appear from nothing. So I made the first four, and I didn’t tell nobody and it made a nice little amount of money. When I got to episode four, I was like, ‘Hey gang, I don’t have any money.’ So I had to take out a line of credit.”

Now that the series is over, C.K. says he wants to “go and tell the world about it, and ask them to come see what we made.”

“I’m excited because I’ve been dying to talk about it,” he wrote. “It was so fun and so goddam weird, what I just went through. And it continues to be so. Sorry ahead of time for how annoying it will be to see me and hear me yammering about this show and promoting it, flying in the face of the whole idea of watching a show from nothing and seeing where it goes. But I want folks to see this show.”

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