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I need anything Flash-related! — Jarod

Tension is high as the speedsters head toward the ultimate showdown by season’s end. “Things are about to get a lot more personal between the two of them,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg teases. “Barry is still reeling from the sting of betrayal of Jay, but Jay has a very specific agenda. He’s proven to be a master manipulator. He did so covertly, and now he’s doing it out in the open. Barry’s going to have to make some difficult choices if he’s going to want to take Jay down.” Get more scoop on Zoom’s past here.

Should we be worried that Ben and Bailey are going to get divorced on Grey’s Anatomy? — Sarah

They certainly have a tough road ahead. “If they were my friends, I wouldn’t not be worried, because it’s the most significant situation that they’ve been in in terms of the jeopardy to their relationship,” Jason George tells me. “They weathered her OCD and they’ve had arguments and fights, but this is the first time that it was to the core about what they love about each other that gets challenged. Anything’s within the realm of possibility at this point.” Ruh-roh.

What the heck just happened on The Blacklist?!? — Mitchell

You can read all about that here, where you’ll also find exclusive photos of Liz’s funeral. However, the funeral doesn’t take place next week — that episode is basically a one-man show following Red (and an Emmy-worthy performance from James Spader) in the immediate aftermath of Liz’s death. “Episode 320 is where the Task Force deals with her death,” Amir Arison tells me. “In 319, the story focuses on Red and him dealing with his past, his history, and his grief. And then 320, we pick up and it’s about a week after her death, and we have a funeral to go to. Aram has written a quote down to try to give a speech, which he can barely do.”

Anything Castle would be great! — Brett

Castle is staging another Firefly alum as Jewel Staite has booked a guest-starring role in an upcoming episode. “Episode 20 is our nod to Shakespeare and our nod to Hollywood action stars going to do Broadway with mixed results,” EP Alexi Hawley reveals. “Jewel Staite came to play with us as the director of this doomed Shakespeare play.”

When are we going to find out more about Bonnie on Vampire Diaries? — Kim

Very soon. In fact, the next two episodes will answer a lot of your Bonnie-Enzo questions. Speaking to upcoming “bridgebacks,” as she calls them, showrunner Julie Plec says, “One of the biggest bridgebacks that we owe is the story of how Bonnie ended up in the asylum and how the hell she and Enzo ended up as a couple and that’s episode 19, which I love. It’s a really great Bonnie-Enzo centric love story episode, and it’s fun to watch.” Bamon shippers, prepare yourselves.

Will we see Railly leave that message that kicked everything off on 12 Monkeys this season? — Kenta

Per executive producer Terry Matalas: “No, but you will see Railly do things you never thought you’d see her do, beyond just being a badass, let’s put it that way.” That just means 12 Monkeys will need a third season. (Come on, Syfy!)

On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., will we see Lincoln working with anyone else on the team? — Susan

The question of who Lincoln may be working with is actually very vital after the Secret Warriors cross paths with Hive — you know, the big bad who seems to be able to sway Inhumans to his side.

Claire’s already causing issues in France, but what’s her next move on Outlander? — Jana

Well, her next move is quite literal: She and Jamie get settled in their new home in Paris. And it is very fancy. But less literally, Jamie and Claire finally have to get going on their mission to change the future, and that means Jamie getting in with the right people. The key to that might involve him spending a lot of time at a brothel. Yeah, Claire’s not a huge fan of it either.

Will Rebecca get hooked on NZT now on Limitless? — Rhonda

That won’t be a focal point in the two-part finale, but will be addressed should the show get renewed. “For Rebecca, her drug is putting away bad guys,” EP Craig Sweeny teases. “To experience a pill that facilitates that as powerfully as NZT, I think she will not be able to resist taking it again down the line, which is a major problem and will be a big complication not in these two episodes, but for the character going forward.”

How will Laurel’s death affect the team on Arrow? — Vik

This answer will be long, but it may help those who are still grieving Laurel’s death. “Right now, they’re being a little too cautious, which is more of what’s tripping them up in the wake of Laurel’s death,” EP Andrew Kreisberg says. “They’re all still reeling. It was a big blow to the audience, it was a big blow to us as writers and producers, and it’s certainly a big blow to the characters. Laurel’s been with the show since the beginning. In some ways, she was the truest hero of them all, because we really got to see her become a hero. When we met Oliver, he was already the Arrow, he was already skilled and had gone through his baptism of fire. We watched as Laurel was a crusading attorney, then slowly fell apart and rebuild herself into this hero. To see her fall is sad and tragic and painful. It’s a reminder that yes they’re all dressed up in Halloween costumes and masks, but there are real consequences to what they’re doing and their lives are constantly in danger; at any moment anyone of them can lose it. That’s really what the team is dealing with in the last six episodes of the season.”

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