'The Shallows' (June 24)
Credit: Vince Valitutti

Blake Lively was in fighting shape for the two months she shot this summer’s thriller The Shallows. Her character, Nancy, is a surfer who finds herself stalked by a Great White shark only a couple hundred feet from shore. Eventually, Nancy discovers a buoy (and a flare) gun in time for the climatic battle.

“There’s only a small bit of it on the buoy and only a small bit of it in a bikini, thank goodness,” admits Lively, who is pregnant with her second child. “That was what I worked out for. I kicked my butt. It’s such a physical movie.”

Lively, who did a lot of her own stunts, even has the war wounds to prove it. “The waves pulled me the same time that the buoy crashed down and cracked my nose and blood was pouring out. I’m very proud of my bloody nose.”

But she claims The Shallows is deeper than you think. Says the actress, “It’s really a story of us all trying to survive on this planet. It sounds lofty, but when you boil it down, that’s what it is. What I really liked about this is that it wasn’t just Bikini vs. Monster.” She pauses. “But you still get a little bikini and you still get a little monster!”

The Shallows, directed by Jaume Collet-Sera (Non-Stop), hits theaters June 24.

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The Shallows
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  • 87 minutes