'Cause we want it that way
Credit: Isaac Brekken/AP file

Once upon a time, there were two warring boy bands: *NSYNC, a dance-focused fivesome led by Justin Timberlake, and the Backstreet Boys, a quintet with a penchant for layered ballads. Okay, so they weren’t really warring — BSB’s Nick Carter recently told BuzzFeed that any perceived rivalry between the two groups was “all contrived” and “strictly the media being bored” — but that doesn’t make a newly surfaced video of *NSYNC’s own Joey Fatone and Lance Bass singing Backstreet Boys hit “I Want It That Way” any less heartwarming.

The two shared the song during karaoke on Bass’ Dirty Pop At Sea cruise, according to the fan that posted the clip. It starts off a bit rocky, with Bass complaining about how high the song is, but Fatone quickly resolves the situation. “Shut up and sing it,” he instructs. And what Joey says, Lance does.

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There’s also some dramatic dancing (Bass inexplicably crab-walks), harmonies, and even some improvised jokes. “And Backstreet is really gay,” Fatone croons at one point. “That’s homophobic!” Bass playfully shoots back. Ah, always good to see that ’90s humor is still alive and well!

All in all, this is a cabaret duo to watch out for. See the clip above.

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