Nine Lives (2016)

Four seasons of grueling politics and manipulation on Netflix’s House of Cards apparently had Kevin Spacey searching for more lighthearted material, judging by the zany new trailer for the cat-themed comedy, Nine Lives.

In the film, Spacey plays Tom Brand, a successful, arrogant, New York businessman who transforms into a cat at the hands of a mystic shopkeeper, forcing him (whiskers and all) to reconnect with his neglected family, albeit in feline form.

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The new trailer introduces Christopher Walken as the shopkeeper in question and Jennifer Garner as Brand’s wife. Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s Cheryl Hines and All My Children‘s Mark Consuelos costar in the film, which was directed by Men in Black helmer Barry Sonnenfield. Five screenwriters are credited on the project, which, judging from the new trailer, includes scenes of Spacey (as a cat) moaning as he uses a purse as a litter box before pawing a young girl’s bejeweled cell phone into a toilet.

Nine Lives opens Aug. 5 in theaters as a comic bit of counterprogramming to Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad, which opens the same day. Watch Spacey get in touch with his feline side (and hear Christopher Walken say “poopy boxes”) in the new trailer above.

Nine Lives (2016)
  • Movie
  • 87 minutes