The TV Land Icon Awards host wants people to start keeping up with him
Credit: EW

Which television family does George Lopez wish counted him as a member? That’s easy: the Kardashians.

“I would say I want to be a Kardashian. I want to wear clothes that are inappropriate,” Lopez joked to EW at last weekend’s TV Land Icon Awards. “I want to have a lot of things done to my face,” the comic added. “And I want to wear big sunglasses.

Lopez acted as emcee for the Icon Awards, which honored such television stalwarts as Norman Lear and John Stamos.

“To host the Icon Awards and to be able to connect your childhood to the present is amazing. Norman Lear, I think everyone in the world has seen his shows,” Lopez said to EW, before joking about the Fuller House star and his heritage. “John Stamos, I bought a whole truckload of Greek yogurt when I saw him today. I said, ‘If that dude looks like that…'”

The TV Land Icon Awards are Sunday night on TV Land. Check out Lopez discussing the show above.