Turns out even superstars drunk dial. Dierks Bentley’s new tune “What The Hell Did I Say” has him wondering what ridiculous promises he made to his lady the night before. Shopping at Louis Vuitton? What about Rodeo Drive? A Tiffany ring?! His girl’s on her way over and he better piece together his memory ASAP.

EW spoke to Bentley this winter, as he was finishing the final studio sessions for his upcoming album, Black, about his goals for his eighth studio collection. He dubbed the set a “relationship record,” saying he wanted to explore facets of relationships mainstream love songs tend to forget. “There’s stuff on there, like ‘What The Hell,’ that are kind of off-kilter relationship songs,” he explained. “I feel like there’s a story to be told, exploring the backroads of a relationship.”

“What The Hell Did I Say?” is the second of a four-part video series that the singer is releasing via Rolling Stone Country in the walk-up to Black. His eighth studio album is due to drop May 27. The next song to be released is “Pick Up,” which Bentley calls “an angsty relationship song.”