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ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season 15

There wouldn’t be a Marvel Cinematic Universe without Robert Downey Jr. “In hindsight, I get to take credit for everything,” the actor joked on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday.

Quips aside, Downey contributed to the years-long development of an inter-film continuity, and he propelled the first Iron Man to great heights, helping make the rest of it possible. He also convinced Chris Evans to become Captain America. Now, he’s taking it a step further with a role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, due July 7, 2017.

As Downey explained to Kimmel on Wednesday, Spider-Man was actually his favorite superhero growing up. “To me, Spider-Man was my whole deal,” said Downey, whose Tony Stark visits Peter and his Aunt May in his Queens apartment in a teaser clip released at CinemaCon. “He was funny, he was cool, he was young like us.”

Downey called Tom Holland “fantastic” as the newest web crawler, and also mused on Marisa Tomei’s role as Aunt May. Peter Parker’s beloved aunt somehow gets younger with each Spider-Man reboot, as if she was Benjamin Button. “She seemed ancient before. Now she’s Marisa Tomei. He’s got a hot aunt,” Downey said. “My God, just think of the possibilities.”

Watch the full clip below.

ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season 15
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