Maisie Williams continues to talk about the painful contact lenses she has to wear on Game of Thrones now that her character, Arya Stark, is blind.

"I read somewhere that they gave me the option between CGI and contact lenses, which isn't true at all. They just said, contact lenses," Williams explained on Late Night with Seth Meyers. "So I had to wear these really thick contact lenses that were 16 millimeters and hand-painted so they looked all murky. They were so, so painful, but guys were like, 'You're an actress, stop complaining.'"

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In an earlier interview with EW, Williams shared a similar sentiment about the contacts. "I love having something weird going on on the set," she said. "Then I realized they were the most painful things ever. And I hate saying that because I hate hearing people complain about things like that, and I'm like 'It's not that hard.' You hear about Jennifer Lawrence and her blue paint [in X-Men] and I remember thinking, 'That can't hurt.' Now I'm like, 'Holy sh–, I'm sorry I ever felt like that because these little things in your eyes are so thick, they're the most painful things ever.' I didn't anticipate they'd get so sore after such little time."

Watch the full clip below. Game of Thrones season 6 premieres April 24 on HBO.

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