April 14, 2016 at 01:46 PM EDT

It seems like TV ratings go down every year, and yet, somehow 800,000 people tuned in last week to watch a watermelon explode. Gut reaction: Is this the future of television? Some people probably think so, and Jimmy Fallon mercilessly parodied them on Wednesday’s The Tonight Show.

Too often pop culture extracts all the wrong lessons from a breakout phenomenon, so Fallon predicted that NBC would take the obvious next step and have a melon-busting drama join its ever-growing Chicago franchise produced by Dick Wolf. He even aired a clip from this fake show featuring a pair of cops interrogating a rubber band-encased watermelon. When the watermelon doesn’t talk, they torture it (and even debate that torture, 24-style) by adding additional rubber bands until it finally explodes. “Clean this up, and bring me a cantaloupe,” the torturing detective says.

Watch the clip below.

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