There's always money in the book stands
Credit: Maarten de Boer/Contour by Getty Images

Legendary television actor Jeffrey Tambor will release his memoir in spring of 2017, Crown Publishing Group announced Thursday.

Tambor’s memoir is titled Are You Anybody, and it will be a collection of autobiographical essays. The book will pay particular attention to how Tambor was able to use the lessons he learned from his personal life to help mold some of his famous television characters, such as Hank Kingsley on The Larry Sanders Show, George Bluth on Arrested Development, and Maura Pfefferman on Transparent.

“Some stories will be awkward, others inspiring, some dark, most funny, and all will, I think, be hopeful and instructive,” Tambor said of the collection.

The memoir, which is Tambor’s first book, will begin with Tambor’s childhood, a time when he wasn’t exactly the most popular kid around. Tambor describes his childhood self as a fat kid with a lisp, with a father whose motto was “Don’t celebrate, they’ll take it away from you.” Of course, Tambor went from that awkward period to become an Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actor who’s created some of television’s most beloved comedic characters. Are You Anybody will tell the stories that led Tambor to where he is now.