Credit: Comedy Central

In one week, Inside Amy Schumer returns to the air, and the number of prisoners being taken in season 4 seems to be less than zero.

Comedy Central has released an action-jammed trailer for the upcoming batch of episodes, and in less than 90 seconds you will watch the comedian be mistaken for Fat Amy from that singing movie, rehearse for a Betsy Ross musical, play a horrific rich woman who doesn’t know her maid’s name but is totally just like you, sell a new magical yogurt featuring vagina-transforming power, make out with a girl, ask passersby on the street, “What movie do you think best describes your vagina?”, take you to a gun show, take on Game of Thrones, and participate in more female genitalia-based high jinks than we can ever spill here. Brace, click, enjoy.

Inside Amy Schumer
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