Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The idea for a Bob Dylan-themed series isn’t just blowing in the wind — it’s in the works at Amazon.

The streaming service is developing a one-hour drama series titled Time Out of Mind that is based on Dylan’s songs and characters, EW has confirmed. Time Out of Mind writer/director Josh Wakely — who has secured the rights for Dylan’s impressive six-decade catalogue of songs — will craft stories around the creative work of the legendary singer-songwriter.

Time Out of Mind, which is being produced by Lionsgate and Wakely’s production company, won’t be the first time that the the Australian writer has transformed an iconic artist’s song catalogue into a musical television series. Or, rather, streaming series. Wakely is also the creator of Netflix’s Beat Bugs, an animated children’s series that weaves stories inspired by songs from The Beatles. The show, which will debut this summer, will include Beatles covers from such artists as Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, and Sia.