The film marks his first voice role in anything not by Trey Parker
Credit: Angela Weiss/Getty Images

The Despicable Me threequel arrives in theaters next June, and at Universal’s CinemaCon presentation on Wednesday, animation studio Illumination announced a couple of key roles in the new film. Steve Carell will do double duty in the third film, voicing both longtime pro-antagonist Gru and Gru’s long-lost twin brother, Dru, who is exactly like Gru except with hair, and also different in every way. (In concept art, Dru wears all white to Gru’s black.)

More intriguingly, Illumination introduced a new character who will be Despicable Me 3‘s villain. Balthazar Bratt is a former child star, “driven to supervillainy as a result of the abrupt cancelation of his TV series when he hit puberty,” explained Illumination CEO Chris Meledandri. Now he seeks revenge against all who mocked him via world domination. Bratt wears a purple-ish outfit with shoulder pads and umbrella pants, reflecting that he is “a character clearly stuck in the ’80s.” Voicing Balthazar Bratt is Trey Parker, the South Park co-creator and voice of Cartman.

Although Parker has been voicing popular characters for going on 20 years now, his role in Despicable Me 3 is something of a coup for Illumination. Said Meledandri, “This is the very first time he had ever been directed by anyone else but himself.”

Despicable Me 3 hits theaters June 30, 2017.