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Daryl Dixon may have been separated from his motorcycle twice in season 6 of The Walking Dead, but the man who plays him will be riding high on the hog when he debuts his brand new show, Ride With Norman Reedus, this June on AMC

Reedus has been filming episodes of his six-installment series, which follows the host and a different riding companion in a different city each week as they travel to a destination and explore motorcycle culture along the way. But Reedus assures us that this is not just a show for motorcycle aficionados. “It’s not a gearhead show where we’re talking about this and that,” Reedus tells EW. “There’s a little bit of that, but it’s more of a journey. I take a person and we go on a journey, and we experience things together. They show me their town on motorcycles, and we explore new towns on motorcycles. It’s been a real gypsy-esque adventure that’s just a ton of fun.”

Reedus says the installments they have filmed so far have been an absolute blast. “Oh my God, it’s so fun,” says the host. “The episodes are coming out great, the footage we’re getting is great, and the guests I have are great.”

Reedus also says the tone of each episode can vary depending on both the person and the location. “It’s really interesting to me to take someone and go on a ride with them and find out what that person is about, just because of the situations that we put ourselves in. Some are fun. Some are weird. Some are a little creepy, and it’s just been so much fun for me. It’s such an interesting concept, the way we’re doing it.”

Check out a sneak peek of Ride With Norman Reedus above.

Ride With Norman Reedus
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