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Only one day into its theatrical debut, The Jungle Book live-action remake has already garnered ample praise as a visually masterful jungle jaunt. But what of the original 1967 animated version of The Jungle Book? The always blunt ScreenJunkies team has weighed in with a verdict of their own.

In the latest installment of their honest trailer spoofs, the YouTube crew calls the Disney classic a total bore. Their version cites the film as a “bear-ly feature-length collection of random scenes tied together by a plot as thin as an orphan’s loin cloth,” that follows the wild, young Mowgli, an “illiterate, unvaccinated child that really should have been eaten by now.”

The trailer goes on to rip apart the movie’s lazy filmmaking, churning out an acerbic montage that lampoons its lackluster songs, recycled scenes, and flimsy storyline. “Forget the plot, because there isn’t one,” the narrator declares. “Besides, you’re only here for that great song, and a bunch of others you couldn’t name with a gun to your head.”

Watch the honest trailer above, starring Jumowgli, The Big Balooski, and “the exact same voice as Winnie the Pooh — creepy, right?” Fortunately the new Jungle Book, which EW loved, is in theaters now.

The Jungle Book

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