Producer Frank Marshall debuted the trailer for this summer’s Jason Bourne during Universal’s presentation at CinemaCon Wednesday, promising that the sequence shot in Las Vegas was “the best Bourne chase ever.” Noting the long passage of time since The Bourne Ultimatum, Marshall said that he, director Paul Greengrass, and star Matt Damon “haven’t made a movie for almost 10 years.” (At no point in his remarks did he mention The Bourne Legacy, 2012’s Diet Caffeine Freeboot version of Bourne.)​

In the trailer, Jason Bourne reunites with the character played by Julia Stiles who you definitely just remember as “Julia Stiles,” another ex-government agent we last saw on the run in Ultimatum. The third film ended with Bourne remembering everything about his pre-amnesiac life, but Stiles has a challenge for him: “Remembering everything doesn’t mean you know everything.”

CUT TO: Government agents, including franchise newcomer Alicia Vikander, reacting to a hack that they claim could be “Worse than Snowden.” The hack apparently comes from Bourne and leads the government to chase after him. That chase leads to Greece, where Bourne rides a motorcycle through a riot.

Tommy Lee Jones is apparently the film’s new Chris Cooper/Brian Cox/David Straithairn analog, the nefarious government dude out to get Bourne. Somehow all of this leads to Bourne driving a car really fast down the Las Vegas Strip, causing what looks like a 20-car pile-up, and then driving a SWAT van into the MGM Grand. So, Hangover 4, basically.

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