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This was the pinnacle episode! The one we have been waiting for, but mainly dreading!

Melissa announces that she is leaving and is taking Maddie and Mackenzie with her — both of them! It’s worse than we ever imagined. Apparently, Mackenzie had no idea she was leaving and found out during the shooting of this episode.

Melissa did a pretty pathetic job of acting upset about her decision, securing the fact that this will most likely be her last TV gig.

Poor Abby! With no kids of her own, losing these two girls seemed to be very painful for her. (Also, she may be going to jail and no one will watch her show if she loses her two stars, so there’s that.)

Obviously, I was devastated! I couldn’t picture the show without this family. Will it be as fun to watch? Will the dances be as entertaining? Without Queen Bee Melissa, will the show be as enjoyable?

Wait a minute. What am I doing? After almost a full season of watching this show, I have forgotten why I started watching this show in the first place. It had nothing to do with me. It had to do with my girls.

I did this to have a Tuesday night bonding ritual with my daughters. We watch the show, stay up late (on a school night!), discuss it, write the review together, then get excited when it’s posted and even more excited when we see the comments.

I need to stop focusing on me and find out what they are thinking. So I had them write this review. Here you go:

Melissa finally said that she is not coming back to the ALDC!!!! Melissa told Abby that she is not coming back next year!!! Abby said that’s interesting and started to cry and so did Melissa!! We don’t believe Melissa is really sad!

Ashlee said that Abby said that Brynn will be the new Maddie — shut up Ashlee! Sorry mom, we know you hate the word shut up — but she needs to shut up!

Maddie is in two duets! Yay Maddie! We will miss her! We are so sad!

Finally, Melissa tells Mackenzie — she is a mean mom — and they all cried! We almost cried too!

Abby locked herself in the bathroom. I feel bad for her! She probably doesn’t want anyone to see her cry!

Ashlee talked to Abby and Abby told her that she was crying in the bathroom.

Melissa, Jill and Holly went out to lunch and talked about old times, which was really about all the fights they got into with Abby. Kind of weird that that was the only good times they could remember.

Abby starts crying in the middle of practice! We are so sad, too!

Abby said Chris Hemsworth is going to see there group routine — the theme is about his new movie. A scary evil queen movie. We don’t think he actually watched the dance!

Maddie and Kalani did really good!!!!

Mackenzie and Nia did really good!!!

Maddie and Kendall did really good, too!!!!!

Jill said that Ashlee was being a big B! (Our mom won’t let us type that B word because it’s inappropriate.)

The group dance was AWESOME!!!!!!

Nia and Mackenzie got first place!!!

Maddie and Kendall got second.

Maddie and Kalani got first!!!

The group dance got second and it was embarrassing for Abby!

We are really sad that Maddie and Mackenzie are leaving, but we still have four more shows to watch them! We love the rest of the girls! We still don’t like Ashlee.

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