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Doctor Strange (2016 Movie)

Jimmy Kimmel’s Marvel Week continued strong Tuesday with the world premiere of the first Doctor Strange teaser trailer. Before playing the clip, however, Kimmel had star Benedict Cumberbatch video in to explain a few things.

At first, Kimmel wasn’t sure who Dr. Strange was: a magician, maybe? So Cumberbatch, in character, explained himself: “Sorcerer Supreme, Master of the Mystic Arts, wielder of the Eye of Agamotto, he who walks the astral plane between life and death and also occasionally does Bar Mitzvahs when he’s at children’s parties.”

The last point interested Kimmel more than the rest. Wait, he does children’s parties? No, Dr. Strange quickly explained, that was just his dry English humor. But he did quickly make a balloon animal of a giraffe for Kimmel, before getting annoyed and popping it. “Okay, don’t do that at the party,” Kimmel said.

Then, finally, Kimmel played the exciting Doctor Strange teaser.

Watch the introduction clip below.

Doctor Strange (2016 Movie)
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