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Everyone — including Amy Schumer — has weird pictures on their phone. When the comedian appeared on Tuesday’s The Tonight Show, she and host Jimmy Fallon made a game of it, switching devices and demanding the other explain their strangest snaps.

First up: Schumer and her friends standing next to a pig on a beach. While on vacation in the Bahamas, Schumer and her pals checked out Pig Beach, an uninhabited island populated by swimming pigs that once made an appearance on The Bachelor.

Then it was Fallon’s turn. The host had to justify a picture showing him with a wispy mustache wearing an “I Shot the Sheriff” T-shirt, an ode to Bob Marley’s hit. Fallon said he had been on vacation and thought about growing a mustache for the show, so his wife snapped a picture. “It doesn’t work for me,” he admitted.

After chatting about a picture of Schumer in New Orleans covered in beignet crumbs, Fallon had to explain why he took a nighttime photo outside a Carl’s Jr. fast-food restaurant in Los Angeles. He asked Schumer if she was familiar with the exact location, but she explained that “the whole time I’m in L.A., I’m blindfolded because I’m so upset.”

“What happened was I went to Carl’s Jr. after a couple auditions, and I couldn’t get hired. I actually cried in the parking lot of a Carl’s Jr.,” Fallon said. “But then we went to L.A. and I did my show from Universal, and I drove past the Carl’s Jr., and they’re closing it down. They’re tearing it down. That made me laugh, so that’s me laughing hysterically at the Carl’s Jr. to redeem myself.”

The final photo almost gave Fallon nightmares: Tilda Swinton and her boyfriend are seen laying among some creepy-looking dolls, which Schumer claims she grew up with. Fallon said one of them in particular looked like something out of a horror movie. “How dare you? That doll has comforted me through several divorces,” Schumer said. “Like my parents’.”

Watch the clip below.

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