By Christian Holub
Updated April 12, 2016 at 12:05 PM EDT

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is well-known for its efforts against any and all types of gun regulation, but as Samantha Bee found this week, the organization is much more regulatory when it comes to its own property. The NRA has a colorful mascot, Eddie Eagle, for use in gun safety videos and, in Bee’s words, “patronizing children with unlistenable raps about guns.” Bee set her sights on acquiring an Eddie Eagle costume for use in vicious parody, but found it more difficult than expected.

Getting an Eddie Eagle costume from the NRA requires filling out an 18-page costume application and going through a mandatory 20-day waiting period. Bee tried the black market instead, but that wasn’t any easier since the NRA banned any resale of the Eddie Eagle costume. Used guns, on the other hand, are so easy to find that Bee sent an employee to buy one out of a random guy’s car down the road from TBS headquarters. Bee called NRA headquarters to check their national registry of Eddie Eagle costumes (“which is a real thing they have, to make sure they don’t lose track of any dangerous Eddies,” in Bee’s words). She was told there would be a few at an upcoming New Mexico gun show. Bee and her producers attended, and when Eddie Eagle was nowhere in sight, they bought some guns off the trading floor.

Bee’s most extreme attempt involved setting up a fake company to do gun safety demonstrations, but even that didn’t work — the NRA told her they only sold costumes to law enforcement agencies. Once again, Bee took out her frustrations by buying more guns. Luckily, she soon tracked down the elusive Eddie Eagle at an event in Nashville.

“Oh, the disgusting satire I could perpetrate with this costume,” Bee said.

Unfortunately, the person in the costume refused to sell it to her, not even for $3,000. She was finally forced to make her own, and emerged on stage of Full Frontal in an Eddie costume that used guns for wings, shouting, “Hey kids, who wants a hug?”

Watch the full clip below.