Credit: Brian Stowell

Ray LaMontagne has premiered a trippy new video for his fuzzed out January track, “Hey, No Pressure,” off his latest LP Ouroboros.

Directed by Oscar winner Peter Martin, the 360-degree visual quite literally mimics a kaleidoscope, projecting a shape-shifting whirl of psychedelic images as dancers clad in nude bodysuits run through a set of animalistic moves. LaMontagne released the video via an app in March as a collaboration with virtual reality company Jaunt Studios, though this is the first version to hit the web.

“I think it probably was chosen because it could easily be taken from its almost-eight minutes and chopped up to four minutes,” LaMontagne told EW of the track in March. “It’s the age of the single and there’s no singles on this record. So it was, ‘How are we going to do this?’ So we just chose a section that seemed like it could resemble a song. It’s different for me because I don’t think the record works in any way except as a whole.”

For the fully immersive visual experience, view the video on Jaunt’s VR app, or watch it below via Facebook. LaMontagne is set to embark on a North American tour June 10.