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Updated April 12, 2016 at 07:53 PM EDT
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Warning: Spoilers from The Mindy Project midseason premiere lie ahead. Read on, if you dare!

The Mindy Project midseason finale left viewers with a big question: Will Mindy and Danny stay together? The midseason premiere episode, aptly titled “Will They Or Won’t They,” addresses that question head on, beginning with a montage of them trying but ultimately failing to work it out.

The move certainly inspires some other major questions, like is there the chance the couple could get back together, and how will the duo manage as co-parents? Creator, executive producer, and star Mindy Kaling addressed those and other burning questions in an email interview with EW and teased what’s ahead for the back half of season four.

Plus, she revealed the role her psychic consultant, Madam Mysterioso, played in the recent big moves, so read on for a hilarious, good time…

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: There have been problems in Mindy and Danny’s relationship for some time, and they finally ended things. What were the creative reasons behind breaking them up?

MINDY KALING: Most of the plot moves on this show are the result of consultations with my psychic, Madam Mysterioso. She thought it would be fun to watch a show where Mindy tries to date as a 30-something single mom. She told me that in real life there are no happy endings, and to beware the number 17. We have a great relationship. I showed her how to put Hulu on her TV.

Though broken up, Mindy and Danny will surely interact because of their baby, Leo. What can we expect from them as co-parents?

Mindy and Danny’s different philosophies on raising Leo are a source of a lot of the comedy of this half of the season. Danny’s parenting icon is Joseph of Nazareth. Mindy’s is Cersei Lannister.

Is there the chance that they could get back together down the line?

Nice try, EW. That’s between me and Madam Mysterioso.

Perhaps there is a chance, but Mindy is single now. Will she jump back into the dating scene anytime soon?

Oh, she’s going to be jumping on a lot of things, heh heh. But yeah, Mindy will be dating again. [Costume designer Salvador Perez] has designed me too many great outfits not to show them off on dates. And there are still a few actors in Hollywood I haven’t kissed.

The Seth Meyers bit was hilarious, with his dog going missing and the gray ribbons and candlelit vigils to support his safe return. How did that come together, and what was Seth’s involvement in it?

We were longtime fans of Frisbee Meyers, Seth’s rescue greyhound. The only way Frisbee would do the show was if we wrote a part for Seth. During Christmastime, Frisbee generously let us shoot on the Late Night set. Frisbee was a consummate professional on set. I cannot say the same for Ike Barinholtz; he bit a cameraman.

More seriously, Mindy showed a mature side of herself in making a clean break with Danny by episode’s end, but also in organizing a spring break trip for college girls to freeze their eggs. Jody tells her she’s a female role model, and that feels spot on here. What example do you want to set for women through Mindy?

While Mindy Lahiri isn’t (and shouldn’t be!) anyone’s role model, she sometimes surprises everyone, making decisions that are brave and admirable. And every time she does, it gives us permission to have her do something terrible, like get so drunk she falls out of a hot air balloon.

This is the midseason premiere, so what else is in store for the second half of the season?

Aside from my character, my ensemble cast really shines in these next 13 episodes. Morgan and Jody have a love triangle with Lauren Cohan from The Walking Dead, Tamra and Mindy have to pretend to be co-owners of a lingerie company for women of color, and we get to see who Danny dates after Mindy. The episodes are also packed with returning guest stars like Anders Holm, Eliza Coupe, Adam Pally, Mark Duplass, and Jay Duplass.

The Mindy Project airs Tuesdays on Hulu.

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