“Can Batman be happy?” That’s how LEGO Movie co-director Chris Miller summed up the concept behind next year’s LEGO Batman Movie. At this year’s CinemaCon, Miller, collaborator Phil Lord, and LEGO Batman himself Will Arnett introduced exclusive footage which includes a key plot point about the film.

In the teaser footage, LEGO Alfred chastises the caped crusader. “You need to take responsibility for your life,” the butler says. “And it starts by raising your son.”

I know what you’re thinking: What is this, Superman Returns???

LEGO Alfred clarifies: “The young orphan you adopted at the gala.”

SMASH CUT TO: A LEGO version of Dick Grayson, voiced by Michael Cera, trotting merrily through the Batcave. And Dick quickly convinces Batman to let him join up in his fight against crime. He slides through Batman’s suit collection, including a “Night Terror,” a “Festive Bat” suit, a “Winged Avenger” suit, and literally dozens of other Bat-LEGOs that your niece and nephew will demand for Christmas next year.

Then Dick stops on one suit, a familiar-looking red-and-green outfit, with a big “R” on the chest. It’s called “Reggae Man.” LEGO Batman explains that it comes from a “Jamaica caper.” Dick grabs the costume, but complains: “The pants are little tight.” So he takes the pants off, leaving only green underwear.

Voila: A new Robin origin story in two minutes, which is exactly two hours and 43 minutes shorter than 2012’s Robin origin story.

The LEGO Batman Movie
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