Credit: EW

Believe it or not, world famous sloth-lover Kristen Bell is actually new to social media. Just a few weeks ago, the House of Lies star shared her first photo on Instagram (a sweet snap of her kissing husband Dax Shepard) along with the caption, “I don’t know how to use Instagram but I do like this picture.” Since then, Bell’s feed has been a fun frenzy of familiar faces, Frozen references, and of course a few adorable animals — which is why we were eager to see what would happen when we took off the training wheels and handed over the keys to @EntertainmentWeekly.

Let’s just say Kristen did not disappoint. Check out the highlights from her takeover below, and be sure to follow Entertainment Weekly on Instagram for more takeover from your favorite Hollywood talents. House of Lies airs Sunday nights on Showtime.

1. Just another casual Tuesday taking over the world — term, EW’s Instagram — NBD.

2. Throwback Tuesday? Sure, why not. Kristen’s first pic is a snap from 2011 with her House of Lies cast mates who clearly aren’t used to smiling for the camera.

3. Nailed it.

4. Sloths around the world are now extremely jealous of this stuffed ferret.

6. Umm, where’s our invite, Don Cheadle?

7. Hey there, Ken Marino! We’re totally here for team #VinnieVanLowe.