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"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" Premiere

As the 2016 presidential election carries on, most media coverage continues to focus on the candidates’ personal travails: Hillary Clinton struggling with her New York City MetroCard, for instance, or John Kasich eating an ungodly amount of New York deli food. Trevor Noah, for one, is starting to get fed up with Americans’ desire to “relate” to their president; after all, as he pointed out, Clinton’s subway pass difficulties would literally never be an issue in office.

“I think this is the problem America finds itself in: voters need a brilliant policy mind who can address serious problems, but at the same time Americans kind of just want a leader who’s a fun best friend,” Noah said. “And I get that, but maybe we shouldn’t demand that they both be the same person.”

Noah’s solution: Americans should elect both a president and a mascot. It’s worked out well for the British, where the queen exists not as an actual political figure but as someone who, in Noah’s words, gets to “live in a palace, drink tea, and be the British-iest person around.” Noah already has an idea for who could fill this position on the American side.

“I know what you’re thinking: Trevor, where would we find a mascot like that? Some brightly-colored cartoon character who pumps up the crowd with a giant head and weird-sized hands as he comes on stage to Jock Jams?” Noah said.

Noah then played a video of Trump doing exactly that, declaring “America, I give you your new mascot. And your new national anthem. Y’all ready for this?”

Watch the full clip below.

"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" Premiere
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