'We've come too far; we can't mess this up,' he wrote in a Facebook note
Credit: Theo Wargo/WireImage

Billy Ray Cyrus has joined the ranks of artists who have spoken out against anti-LGBT laws in Mississippi and North Carolina in recent weeks.

“I would feel negligent to not speak up,” Cyrus wrote in a Facebook post. He then referenced Bryan Adams’ announcement that he wouldn’t play shows in Mississippi after the state passed a law that outlaws the punishment of people who discriminate against others based on sexual orientation, and his daughter, Miley Cyrus, who has been an outspoken LGBT advocate. “In light of my good friend, Bryan Adams, taking a stand and my daughter having been on the ground floor of this movement, this issue is very important to me.”

He continued, “As a friend and dad… I’ve witnessed this fight from the very beginning. I think everyone should be treated equal. We’ve come too far; we can’t mess this up.”

His comments follow Adams’ cancelation, a letter signed by 95 prominent authors from Mississippi fighting against the state’s anti-LGBT law, and Bruce Springsteen’s announcement that he would cancel a North Carolina concert in opposition to the state’s transgender bathroom law.

See Cyrus’ note below.