In the latest edition of Greatest Story Ever Told, the 'Outskirts' star explains how a misunderstanding can spiral
Credit: EW

Last summer, while filming The Outskirts in New York, Peyton List brought her childhood friend to the set to hang out during the shoot. One problem? Crew members thought List’s friend was a stalker.

“I asked one of the people on set if my friend could be background,” List told EW as part of our Greatest Story Ever Told series. “She was there in the scene, really staying close to me and chatting with me a lot between takes.”

Unfortunately for List and her friend, the impromptu get together was disrupted by the actress’ face. “I play a mean girl [in the film] so I was sort of staying in that face, so I think people thought I was really scared by her,” List said. “So all of a sudden in the next take, I don’t see her anymore. I’m like, ‘What the heck, where did my friend go?’ They took her out of the scene because they thought she was a stalker.”

List was able to save her pal from being detained, however, and the rest is an anecdote recorded to her personal history.

Watch list recount the story above.