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Alan Rickman lent his voice to Alice Through the Looking Glass before he died in January, but his last onscreen appearance comes in Eye in the Sky. Rickman’s costar, Helen Mirren, appeared on The Graham Norton Show over the weekend to promote the film’s U.K. release, and speculated about how the actor might feel about his final screen moments.

“I think it’s a movie he would be very proud of in the sense that he would appreciate what the film was about and the way it tells its story,” she said. “It doesn’t take sides, it makes no moral decisions. It just throws out moral questions.”

On a more personal level, Mirren admitted, “What I love about the film is it’s Alan as I knew Alan. I mean he was a brilliant character actor — we see him in Harry Potter and Die Hard playing these extraordinary characters. That is Alan [in Eye in the Sky] as he really is: funny, urbane, intelligent, very human. So, it’s really great to see him up there.”

Watch Mirren discuss Rickman in the video above.

Eye In the Sky
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