The cast of NBC’s upcoming crime drama Game of Silence took to the skies to let fans know about their new show. To celebrate the launch of the ATX TV Festival Channel on board Southwest Airlines, EW moderated a Q&A with the drama’s cast and creator on board a flight.

Game of Silence will follow the increasingly complicated lives of five childhood friends who caused a lethal car crash when joyriding as children. Now adults, the rest of the group must now convince their long-disconnected friend Jackson (David Lyons), who left them behind to become a successful lawyer, to come back into their lives and help one of their own, who has been imprisoned.

The new series comes from creator David Hudgins, who’s proven his dramatic chops in the past writing for shows like Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, and Everwood. You can get a taste for Game of Silence by checking out the trailer below.

“For me, it was really about finding the balance for the show,” Hudgins says. “I felt like you needed to know the brutality that occurred to these guys as kids to earn them 25 years later wanting to go out and get the revenge that they did.”

That balance was what most impressed Michael Raymond James, who plays Gil on the show. He lauds the series for “being a network show with a big tent but also telling a very nuanced story.”

The ATX TV Festival Channel, which began airing onboard WiFi-equipped Southwest Airlines flights on March 28, will be available through to Aug. 31. Original content from the ATX Television Festival as well as episodes of Casual, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, You’re the Worst, and Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll will be available for viewing on Southwest’s Onboard Entertainment Portal under the TV Series section by Southwest customers.

Check out the full video above, and tune in to the Game of Silence premiere on Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on NBC, after which the series will move into its regular Thursday time slot.