By Kevin P. Sullivan
April 11, 2016 at 05:10 PM EDT

A new trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (out Nov. 18) debuted Sunday night during the MTV Movie Awards giving Muggles (and No-Majs) their best look at J.K. Rowling’s vision of the wizarding world in 1920s America.

There was just so much here — from some background info on Newt Scamander’s less-than-stellar Hogwarts record to a brand-new creature — that we’ll have to take a closer look at everything revealed in the new trailer.

A Big Name Drop

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So it turns out that Newt’s time at Hogwarts didn’t end in the most auspicious of circumstances. As we learn from some helpful voiceover delivered by head auror Graves (Colin Farrell), the UK wizarding school expelled Scamander for endangering human life with his fantastic beasts.

But when it came time for Scamander’s fate at the school to be decided, one of his teachers, Albus Dumbledore (heard of him?), tried to intervene and stop the expulsion. That Dumbledore has always had an eye for talent, even when more conventional standards didn’t exactly apply.

The Suitcase

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While the basic premise of the film — Newt’s specimen escape his magical suitcase — partly explains the function of this wondrous piece of luggage, the snippet of a scene set at immigration shows off some of its other functionality.

After refastening a loose clasp (foreshadowing!), Newt turns a dial on the lock to make the case “Muggle Worthy,” changing the contents into innocuous items like a tourism pamphlet, a scarf, and gloves.

All of which raises the question, “What else can the case do?”

World Building

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As we saw in the four short shorts that made up Rowling’s History of Magic in North America collection, the author has already done some very meticulous world building for wizard in the United States. In the trailer, that attention to detail is on display in a glimpse of a magical American newspaper, featuring information on a fugitive, Alberto Macellarius. The criminal, who goes by the alias “The Rat,” is wanted for counterfeiting wands and murder, with a reward of 3,500 dragots.

Warner Bros.

There also appears to be a set piece staged at a political rally for someone named Shaw. What his agenda is remains unknown, but the heightened secrecy in the American wizarding world is almost guaranteed to be a key issue.

Two Creatures Debut

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And what would a Fantastic Beasts movie be without some fantastic beasts? A pair of magical species made their on-screen debut in the trailer. The first, a Niffler, is the mole-like beasty that slides along the ground with a purse near the end. The species was previously mentioned in the textbook Fantastic Beasts, also written by Rowling.

Warner Bros.

The other, that ball-turned-bird thing called the Swooping Evil, is brand new in the wizarding world.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is out in theaters on Nov. 18.

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