Plus: Why she doesn't pursue dirty versions of every song
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Can Josh Take A Leap of Faith?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s about to get it on.

When the comedy returns Monday night, Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) and Greg (Santino Fontana) will be spending most of their time together in bed in scenes that, according to Bloom, made their Standards and Practices department so nervous, they came on set to make sure nothing too revealing wound up on screen. “We were so cautious about it,” she says. “It’s all about Greg and Rebecca having sex, so it’s a very calculated thing, like, a fraction of a butt cheek is the most we can get away with.”

Still, she adds, the scenes aren’t meant to push the censorship envelope, but to help depict sex “in all its forms.” In fact, Bloom is reluctant to make things dirtier just for the sake of adding raunchiness to the musical rom-com. Getting to write a dirty version of a song, she says, isn’t her goal for each tune. “I realized what we could get away with [on-screen], and that’s kind of why I’m steering away from the dirty versions,” she says. “Whenever I write a song, I write it with the dirty version in mind first, but it’s like, if the clean version isn’t that different, we don’t need a dirty version.”

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For instance, when it came to “Heavy Boobs,” Bloom made a call on whether to show an outline of a nipple or a silhouette of her and her dancers’ chests bouncing around to depict the literally weighty subject. “I was like, ‘Is it worth it?’ ” she says. “It just got to the point where our line producer was like, ‘We just don’t have the time to do a whole other setup.’ … I wasn’t just going to film a dirty version just to say the word ‘f—‘ once or twice, you know? If I wanted a dirty version like ‘I’m a Good Person’ or ‘JAP Battle,’ those are dirty versions that demanded the best version of the song.”

In other words, dirty versions — and dirtier images — have to make it count to wind up on screen. And the April 11 episode, according to Bloom, delivers just the right amount. “When I was watching the episode, I was like, ‘Oh my God, they let me do this on network television,’ ” she recalls. “That blew my mind.”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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Can Josh Take A Leap of Faith?
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