Casey Patterson says of the fire-and-explosion-laced opening: 'It's not subtle'
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Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling recreating their straddle-kiss from The Notebook. Robert Pattinson not recreating a kiss with Kristen Stewart and instead running into the audience to plant one on Taylor Lautner. Jim Carrey as this longhaired, bearded dude. Ben Stiller as Tom Cruise’s stunt double, or, excuse us, stunt one-ble Tom Crooze. Florence Henderson as Catherine Tramell in a parody of Basic Instinct‘s interrogation scene. Aubrey Plaza trying to steal Will Ferrell’s award. Sacha Baron Cohen trying to steal Will Ferrell’s air supply. A winged, bare-assed Bruno (also Cohen) descending onto Eminem’s face. Paris Hilton being served by Sarah Silverman before she served time behind bars.

The MTV Movie Awards has offered up myriad memorable moments over the years while handing out inedible golden popcorn trophies, and Sunday’s ceremony — which is being filmed outdoors Saturday on the Warner Bros. studio lot in Burbank, California — aims to add a few more to the list while marking the 25th anniversary of the irreverent, fans-over-critics award show. “The idea of doing the show outside on the backlot was to come celebrate movies where movies are made,” says MTV Movie Awards executive producer Casey Patterson (Lip Sync Battle), who is finger-crossing that the forecasts calling for rain turn out to be incorrect. “We can use the backlot to its full effect, we can use interiors, we can blow things up, we can do stunts. We can really celebrate movies in a much more theatrical way that the fans will enjoy. It’s more of a fanfest than an awards show this year.”

So, what exactly will this fanfestic celebration entail? Scroll down to read Patterson’s 10 teases about the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, which is hosted by Central Intelligence stars Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, and airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on, yes, MTV.

1. “We have a pretty epic opening that makes full use of the backlot, with fire, explosions, dancers — and potentially an Oscar winner. It’s not subtle.”

2. “We have ridiculously enthusiastic hosts, and they are performing an original musical number to celebrate 25 years of the MTV Movie Awards, and it may or may not involve bears.”

3. “The most exciting thing about Melissa McCarthy is how comedically brave she is. Even we don’t know what she’ll do when she receives the Comedic Genius Award.”

4. “Chris Evans, Eddie Redmayne, Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie and more will present world premiere footage from Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them, Suicide Squad, and Captain America: Civil War in an interactive, theatrical way.”

5. “Will Smith is being presented with the Generation Award, and Will’s history and MTV’s history are completely intertwined. We’ve been looking back at footage with him from Yo! MTV Raps and MTV Spring Break and the Movie Awards and the VMAs; MTV has been there with Will every phase of his career. This bit has multiple presenters who are friends of Will from his years in music, comedy and film. There is also a surprise modern throwback musical performance.”

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6. “Musical performances by Ariana Grande and Halsey will be cinematic in different ways, and both are very much part of our movie backlot vibe. Ariana’s performance is dark and dangerous, and Halsey’s is epic and theatrical.”

7. “Deadpool surprised us this year — and we have some surprises up our sleeves for them.”

8. “This year, we are not doing some of the kitschier categories like Best Shirtless Performance in favor of new and unexpected categories. One of them is True Story, which celebrates inspirational aspirational characters that are resonating with the MTV audience, everything from Straight Outta Compton to Jobs to Joy.”

9. “From Stormtroopers to Starkillers, it will be a big night for Star Wars.”

10. “Our hosts will seize their superhero moment. There will be capes.”

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