What happens when a week-long fling between an American businessman and an Irish teacher living in England leads to an accidental pregnancy, a wedding, unexpected love, a lot of arguing, and then another baby? That’s what Catastrophe’s Rob and Sharon are about to discover during the Amazon series’ second season.

“It looks like we pick up right where we left off with the characters in season 1, but you find out pretty quickly that we leap forward and she’s actually pregnant with a second baby,” star and co-creator Sharon Horgan tells EW in the video above. Adds co-star and co-creator Rob Delaney, “We had seen them get to know each other under stress and now we wanted to see them parent under stress and really be a few years into their marriage. It’s just about staying in love and honoring your partner even just by looking at them and not passing out face-down at 9:15 p.m.”

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Although the season touches on the hard and honest truths of the ups and downs in a marriage, it’s often at its best when the couple is adorably sweet in one moment, and completely cutting to each other in the next. And among one of the more selfish things Sharon does this season – although it does provide for quite a few laughs – is giving their first child an unpronounceable Irish name. “I wanted to do that in my own real life and I couldn’t because my husband started crying when I told him… Actually that’s one of the few times when [my character] is more selfish than the real life me.”

For more on season 2 – and to watch the hilarious banter between Sharon and Rob – check out the video up top.

Catastrophe season 2 is now streaming on Amazon.

An American named Rob and an Irish teacher named Sharon have a casual fling while on business, but things go awry when Sharon learns she is pregnant.
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