The Haters

If teen-cancer fatigue made you avoid Andrews’ 2012 debut, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, like it was radioactive, give his warm, laugh-out-loud follow-up a chance. Yes, the books are similar: Andrews clearly likes the concept of teen guys trapped in limbo between cool and nerdy who strike up friendships with token girls. Both Wes—a good kid whose busy adoptive parents trust him to the point of neglect—and his best friend, Corey, have a thing for Ash, the lonely daughter of a billionaire. All three are aspiring musicians who love to hate on everything—even stuff they (secretly) like. As they escape jazz camp to embark on a thrilling and scary coming-of-age road trip in search of gigs, they experiment with drugs, sex—and sincerity. The genitalia jokes get old (they’re teens, after all), but it’s a wonderful ride. A–

The Haters
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