'I'm a frustrated, failed musician,' he said jokingly (?) on 'The Graham Norton Show'

Before Ricky Gervais rocketed into the mainstream as The Office U.K.’s socially inept David Brent, the 54-year-old actor once tried his hand at a pop career that didn’t quite pan out.

While on The Graham Norton Show promoting his upcoming mockumentary, Life On the Road, Gervais discussed that one time he was an ’80s new wave singer in Brit band Seona Dancing, and how he still hasn’t given up the dream despite its unlikelihood. “I sneak a song into everything I do. I wrote a song for The Simpsons, I wrote a song with David Bowie for Extras. I’m a frustrated, failed musician,” he joked.

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Host Graham Norton then proceeded to bust out a retro glam shot from Gervais’ days as an aspiring pop star. The Office co-creator immediately shrank from the subject. “That’s called Seona Dancing, let’s move on,” he said, his face flushed. Then, pointing from the screen and back toward himself, “I’m not embarrased by that, I’m embarrassed by this. Everyone’s going, ‘What the f— happened?’ I’ll tell you what happened: Pizza happened.'”

Watch the clip below. Gervais will next appear in Special Correspondents, a Netflix film due out April 29.

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