By Joey Nolfi
Updated April 08, 2016 at 04:18 PM EDT

Italia's Got Talent

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From the Britain’s Got Talent blasting Susan Boyle into the pop culture stratosphere to that time a Japanese game show forced a man to live alone inside a tiny apartment for 15 months while being filmed as he sustained himself on nothing but food won via mailing sweepstakes, foreign reality TV has given us plenty of gifts over the years.

Now, Italia’s Got Talent, one of many European iterations of the Got Talent franchise, has introduced Tomoko, a 70-year old Japanese pole dancer, to the world.

Taking to the stage in a floral kimono (purchased at Versayce?), Tomoko tells the judging panel she came to Italy 43 years ago to train as a singer, but feels she’s now “too old to sing opera.” As the next logical step on her career path, Tomoko then strips down to her skivvies and performs a mind-blowing pole-dancing routine set to “Leave my Body” by Florence + the Machine.

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Tomoko’s segment, which originally aired in March, brought the Italia’s Got Talent judges (and audience) to its feet for a standing ovation, and has since been viewed almost 800,000 times on YouTube.

Watch your new motivation to hang on to that gym membership well into your golden years in the video below.

Italia's Got Talent

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