Dance didn’t just stop evolving 10 years ago when comedian Judson Laipply first posted his infamous “Evolution of Dance.” In fact, enough has changed that the YouTube star has posted a third edition of his booty-shaking medley in honor of the 10th anniversary of his original video, which has been viewed nearly 300 million times.

The latest clip kicks off with some oldies that didn’t make it into Laipply’s first two installments, including the hand jive and the “Time Warp,” before veering a bit into impression territory with some Michael Jackson and Axl Rose action. He redeems himself quickly, though, with some solid voguing and “Hangin’ Tough” moves worthy of official New Kid status.

Things get a little more modern as his hips try not to lie Shakira-style and his legs get way stanky. See for yourself above, or relive the 10-year-old video that made Laipply internet-famous below.