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It is the first rule of Survivor: Never get too comfortable. But Nick Maiorano broke that rule early and often and paid the price when he became a resident of Blindside City and was voted out of Survivor: Kaoh Rong.

Why did he let his confidence get the best of him? Why did he reveal his alliance’s voting plan to Aubry? And why does he think Cydney became so hell-bent on getting him out? We asked the latest loser all this and more when he called into Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105).

We also wanted to know who was in his final three and if he thought he should have been allowed to carry over the useless individual immunity he won to the next Tribal Council. Nick discussed that and more, and you can now hear the entire interview on the InsideTV Podcast by clicking on the audio player below. Among the highlights from our chat:

On watching himself say all those cocky things on TV knowing he was about to be blindsided:

“It’s fun for me to watch as a viewer because I know what I’m giving to the producer and I’m enjoying it in the moment. And I know they can use it against me, and that’s fair game from my standpoint. They’re either going to tell my winner story or my blindside story. So I’m happy with the entertainment value, but just bummed with the result.”

On telling Aubry the plan to split the votes:

“Beforehand, Michele had actually told me that I was the target. So I went to Aubry because I wanted Aubry to stick around and I wanted to work with her, so I was hoping she would vote for Debbie and we’d get more votes for Debbie. So that was my strategy there. Obviously, it backfired.”

On what Cydney’s beef was with him:

“Unfortunately, Jason didn’t do a great job of communicating with her and I didn’t do a great job of communicating with Michele. Because Scot and Jason were actually planning on blindsiding me at like, number 8 or so, And I had planed on blindsiding Scot or Jason at number 9. So we weren’t able to communicate that with both Cydney and Michele. So they always felt like the guys were tight, but we never were. We kept trying to play each other.”

On his final 3:

“I was definitely working with Michele. I probably would have gone to the end with her. I was really afraid of a lot of women on the jury, but probably Michele. And I think I would have been stuck with Julia, because Michele was so tight with Julia.”

On if he pushed producers to allow his useless individual immunity to carry over to the next Tribal Council:

“I wish I said that, but they wouldn’t go for that. But that hurt big time because I didn’t even need to win it there and it really just killed the momentum of not going to Tribal and I didn’t pick up on that and I should have. Because you need a vote to solidify the momentum in the game and that really screwed me up for not seeing that.”

On Tai’s mystery vote for Jason at Tribal Council:

“So this is where Tai melted down, and hopefully he bounces back at the next vote. The thing was, Julia and Michele, they wanted to vote out Jason. So they go to the Brains and they go to Cydney and say ‘Let’s vote out Jason instead of Nick.” And sure enough, they’re open to it. Aubry’s okay with voting out Jason, and Debbie says, ‘No, we can’t vote out Jason because Joe is already locked in on Nick. Joe won’t remember who to vote for so we cant do that now.’ So Tai was in on that talk, thinking they were going to vote for Jason and he just didn’t hear that ‘No, we’re sticking with Nick.’ So he thought the group was voting for Jason, yet it was me in the end.”

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Listen to the whole chat below, including Nick’s thoughts on that brutal challenge, feelings on what others said about him, and the one thing he would love to go back and change. (The Nick interview starts at the 39-minute mark.)

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After that, we chat with The Walking Dead exec-producer Greg Nicotero, who directed that controversial season finale that included the cliffhanger from hell that has everyone talking. Nicotero reveals some fascinating behind-the-scenes intel from the episode that you’ll want to hear. (The Nicotero Walking Dead interview begins at the 19-minute mark.)

You can listen to the whole podcast above. Or, since we’re on iTunes, you can subscribe for free and take the podcast with you. No iTunes? No problem. You can also download the entire podcast right here. To send a question to the InsideTV Podcast team, follow us on Twitter @InsideTVPodcast. And to hear more interviews and television discussion and debate, check out Entertainment Weekly Radio on SiriusXM, channel 105.

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