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Lena Dunham is not in Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, but she’s actually pretty okay with being cut from the finished film.

Dunham revealed on Monday that she was cast to play Joan of Arc in the comedy sequel, but her scene was left on the cutting room floor. “It was all worth it for these blade hands and the chance to rewrite history as a Joan who jumps off the flaming pyre and guts a lot of men. I can’t wait for this movie,” she wrote on Instagram.

Speaking to Seth Meyers about the photo and film on Wednesday’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, Dunham further explained how the scene fit into the film.

“It was amazing because there was a sequence in which they had sort of rewritten history. So Joan of Arc jumps off the pyre, grows blade hands and laser eyes, and chops up a bunch of dudes,” she said. “They called me, and I was like, ‘Yes that’s my dream role. I’m fully available to you.'”

The Girls creator and star said that her suit of armor “weighed 85 pounds,” leaving her relatively helpless while on the set.

“At one point, I had to demand executive producer Seth Rogen bring me a cup of salami that I could eat reclined. I was like, ‘I have to pee,’ and they were like, ‘We can’t help you with that,'” Dunham said.

But the heavy armor, and even being left out of the final product, was worth it for the star. “I felt very in her body that day, and very connected with her essence,” she said of playing Joan of Arc. “That was enough for me. Honestly, being in the movie wasn’t even important to me. It was important to me to embody her, to be truthful about who she was, to eat that salami, and get the eff home.”

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising is out on May 20.

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