'It does kind of, hmm, it does kind of throw you,' says Alexis Bledel of the revival series' conclusion
Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, ...

Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino’s Four Final Words are as about as legendary as the lost land of Atlantis at this point.

When she was banished from Stars Hollow before the beloved series’ seventh and final season, she had a plan for how to end the show. But with someone else at the helm of the series when it concluded, her vision was left unrealized. Since then, she and Gilmore co-producer (and husband) Daniel Palladino have kept their dream dialogue a secret. (However, “We’d shout them into pillows sometimes,” Dan jokes.)

Now, a lucky few are in on the secret.

When the duo pitched a Gilmore revival, they told executives what those four words would be. “And then we said, ‘You will never see them committed to paper,’ ” Amy recalls. Once the deal with Netflix was struck — for four 90-minute movies to air later this year — she told “the girls,” as she calls Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, who play Lorelai and Rory Gilmore.

When Graham finally heard the closing words, she recalls, “I didn’t know them and [Amy] didn’t realize that I didn’t know them. She assumed I knew so we hadn’t really talked about it. For some reason, my first question was, ‘Who says them?’ Because I assumed it was one character, when it’s two. It’s not as resolved as I thought they would be. I thought they would be, ‘Honey I’m home!’ or something like, ‘Goodbye, small town!’ So I was like, ‘Oh? Really?’ ”

Wait. No resolution? “To read the final episode, it’s not totally final,” Graham continues, laughing. “In the horror movie equivalent, all the aliens are dead. Wait. No, they’re not! I keep saying, ‘Hey, does anyone else notice this isn’t actually an ending?’ Amy and Dan just giggle at me.”

Bledel was similarly thrown. “It is very much what Amy wanted,” she says. “If anyone knows her storytelling they’ll maybe know what to expect. I honestly don’t know what to say about it without using specifics. It does kind of, hmm, it does kind of throw you.”

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Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, ...
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