Barbara Crampton and A.J. Bowen to star in new movie about family's murderous encounter

By Clark Collis
April 07, 2016 at 10:30 PM EDT

Barbara Crampton and A.J. Bowen, both of whom appeared in the modern horror classic You’re Next, have reunited for the new horror-thriller Applecart, it was announced today. The movie, currently in production, concerns a family’s murderous encounter in the woods and is related in a dual storyline that explores two very different perspectives.

Directed by first-time filmmaker Brad Baruh, Applecart also stars Brea Grant, Sophie Dalah, Elise Luthman, and Joshua Hoffman. The film is executive-produced by Don Coscarelli, the director of Phantasm and John Dies at the End.

Crampton’s other credits include the much-loved Re-Animator and last year’s haunted house film, We Are Still Here. In addition to You’re Next, Bowen is familiar to horror aficionados from 2007’s The Signal, A Horrible Way to Die, and The Sacrament, as well as for his love of Christmas-set terror tales.

You can see exclusive images from Applecart above and below.