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April 06, 2016 at 02:05 PM EDT

Donald Trump has said a lot of controversial things over the course of his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. In fact, he’s been making provocative comments for decades — that’s part of why he became such a popular reality television presence on The Apprentice. Some opponents are trying to use this history against Trump — a recent Super PAC ad featured women reading comments attributed to Trump over the years — but Trevor Noah went back even further on Tuesday’s episode of The Daily Show.

Noah and his team unearthed a clip of Trump on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous from 1994, where the Republican presidential frontrunner discussed what his then-infant daughter Tiffany shared with her mother Marla Maples. “I think that she’s got a lot of Marla. She’s really a beautiful baby. She’s got Marla’s legs. We don’t know whether or not she’s got this part yet, but time will tell,” Trump said, while making a hand gesture around his chest to indicate Maples’ breasts. Noah was so disturbed by the clip that he immediately requested videos of cute animals.

“I’ve watched that Trump clip maybe 20 times now,” Noah said. “But every time I do, I need to take a breather to make sure good things still exist in the world.”

Noah then tried to place the clip in the context of Trump’s personality and previous comments. 

“We know for sure that there’s no female too small for Trump not to reduce her to her body parts. I don’t even think Trump was trying to be funny or provocative, it’s just an impulse for him,” Noah said. “It’s like word association. Your wife? Boobs! Your infant daughter? Boobs! To him, every woman is just a pair of legs connected to a pair of boobs. There’s a bunch of stuff in the middle but it’s not sexy and no one knows what it’s for, really.”

Watch the full clip below. 

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