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Everyone loves Chopped. According to The Boss stars, creators, and spouses Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy, it’s one of the only things they can watch at home with their young children. So when the couple stopped by The Late Show on Tuesday, Stephen Colbert allowed them to participate in their own version of Chopped: “Smooshed.” The game, well, smooshes all the components of Chopped into a 10-minute time frame. The ingredients at play were also much different than typical Chopped fare: salted crackers, marshmallows, and bacon bits, along with miscellaneous things found in the show’s break room fridge.

Falcone’s ultimate dish was a s’more, except with saltine crackers and a stuffing made out of bacon, marshmallow, and “just a little bit of pickle for taste.” Colbert winced while eating it and described it as being both “tart and dry at the same time.”

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McCarthy attempted to embody Sookie St. James‘ spirit to create “a rustic hash” comprised of baloney, marshmallow, and pickle served in a soup ladle. Colbert praised its “testicularity” and called it challenging. He asked what kind of meal it was, and McCarthy called it “an incredibly large amuse-bouche.”

“My bouche is more than amused,” Colbert said. “My bouche is infuriated at this point. It’s shocked, chagrined, and somewhat humiliated.”

Watch the full clip below.

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