'Sleep Cycle' will be out April 8

By Dana Getz
April 06, 2016 at 03:33 PM EDT
Kristy Sparow/Getty Images

Deakin’s debut solo album is officially on the way, the Animal Collective member announced Wednesday.

Following years of delays, Sleep Cycle is officially due out Friday, though it’s currently available to stream on Bandcamp. To toast its release, Deakin also shared a video for album track, “Just Am.” The trippy, eight-minute stretch falls in line with Animal Collective’s psychedelic discography, featuring a blacklit cartoon as he ventures through a collage of colorful, kaleidoscopic imagery.

Sleep Cycle initially began in 2009 as a Kickstarter project, but was backlogged due to “personal and professional issues,” according to a release. “Whether or not people can be sympathetic to this or not, it’s just been a much slower process to do things on my own than with the band,” Deakin told Pitchfork of the record in 2012.

On April 1, he posted a public note announcing the album had finally been completed. “Thanks for sticking with me,” he wrote on Kickstarter.

Deakin initially raised $26,000 on the fundraising site. The money was to go towards a trip to perform at the Festival in the Desert in Mali, Africa, the creation of a book and CD, and a charitable donation to TEMEDT, a Mali organization working to end slavery in the country.

According to a release, his initial backers will receive all promised awards, which range from a Sleep Cycle cassette (currently the only planned physical release of this album) and digital download to a 50-page art book, posters, and links to a 14-minute video made by Brian DeGraw using footage that Deakin shot in Mali, plus two tracks he recorded of bands he saw at the festival.

Though Sleep Cycle‘s songs were all conceived in 2010, only the ambient tracks are recordings from that time. French producer Nicolas Vernhes, Sonic Boom’s Pete Kember, and Gang Gang Dance drummer Tim Dewit are among the contributors on the record.

Deakin helped found Animal Collective in 1999. He briefly left the band in 2009, but returned the following year and worked on their 2012 LP Centipede Hertz. He does not appear on their newest cut, February’s Painting With.