By Lana, Maya & Zoe Soskin
Updated April 06, 2016 at 10:44 PM EDT

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As we come into this episode, I have come to realize that this whole season has been one big try-out to see who is going to replace Maddie as well as Mackenzie.

Now that Brynn is secured, it looks like they still need another replacement for MacKenzie, who — we found out this episode — may be leaving, along with her sister. Abby has brought in Sarah, along with her mother, who my kids refer to as Crazy Christi (I know that’s not nice, but this deep into the season, I’m just going with it).

Sarah is a member of the ALDC team in Pittsburgh and is trying out to be a member of the ALDC team in Los Angeles. This is not Christi’s first rodeo. She can hold her own with all the moms and none of them are ganging up on her, like they are with Ashlee. As a matter of fact, Jill seems thrilled to have her there. Right away, they both team up on Melissa, demanding whether to know whether or not Maddie is going to stay. Well … will she? Melissa neither confirms nor denies this, but now, it looks like MacKenzie is getting lumped into leaving as well! NO!!!! I thought it was just Maddie? My girls and I enjoy watching MacKenzie just as much as we enjoy watching Maddie. She is fun, cute and tells it like it is. My girls have recently become obsessed with following her on She has developed quite a large fan base, which I guess is why her mom is looking to take her out of the ALDC as well.

After getting questioned by Christi, Jill and the other moms, Melissa grabs her kids, who are followed by all the other ALDC members (who are all wearing LV backpacks), ignores the question and walks inside. The cameras cut to her talking to Maddie alone, saying that she was tired of sitting on the bench with all these complaining moms and that she was tired of turning down a whole LOT of gigs (for Maddie), for dumb dance competitions. To which, and my girls and I GASPED! “Dumb” dance competitions? What? While I may have taken some creative liberties with the word dumb, that is what it sounded like to us! One of my daughters asked:

“Isn’t this show what made Maddie and her mom famous? Shouldn’t she be a little bit nicer about it?”

When I watch this show, it amazes me that my 8-year-olds understand what is right and wrong more than these moms do.

The dances this week had a Michael Jackson/baseball theme, because Abby swears that MJ was obsessed with baseball (which no one believes and thinks is weird). This may be why the group dance doesn’t even place, which debunks my theory that every dance that Maddie is in, wins. JoJo doesn’t place either for her solo, which is a shocker, because she was so fun to watch and really got into it. This solo also caused a lot of drama, because it was supposed to be duo with Maddie and Kendall, but because Kendall (and Jill) threw another tantrum, Abby gave the dance to JoJo. Which as a mom, I had to agree with this decision. The cardinal rule of parenting: don’t give into tantrums. It clearly hasn’t been working with Kendall, because week after week, there seems to be another one. Yikes, kiddo … get it together, even my girls are starting to roll their eyes whenever your tantrums fire up.

However, the biggest shocker of the week was that Brynn and Sarah’s duo won first. It was so incredibly boring, that my girls broke out into a fight with each other because they could not care less about what was happening on stage.

Is this what we have to look forward to if Maddie and MacKenzie leave … a team of losers and super boring dances (and my girls fighting)? We need another solution. Should Chloe come back? Brooke? My advice would be to just have Maddie stay and if that’s not possible, at least leave us MacKenzie.

P.S.: Can we talk about how Abby hooked up with a guy in Vegas that the moms referred to as Magic Mike? They referenced the term “boy toy” and “role-playing”, which was something I didn’t want to think about with Abby, let alone have to explain it to my kids. That was a fun conversation.

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