Credit: Mike Windle/WireImage

Satirical website ClickHole has a long-running series where it informs readers what three celebrities, seemingly chosen at random, “have to say” about equally random topics. The latest installment, published Wednesday, includes fabricated quotes from Sarah Palin, St. Vincent’s Annie Clark, and Ne-Yo — and tricked Clark into a negative response.

“@clickhole Never said any of those things because I am not the Mad Hatter,” Clark tweeted. “Dont know what Click Hole is selling. Leave me out of it, though.” ClickHole’s post had attributed a rambling quote about the usefulness of shoelaces to Clark, and had claimed that she made the remarks unprompted.

Because the internet is the internet, Clark was quickly informed of her oversight and issued a canny follow-up seven minutes later. “No quicker way to seem out of touch than to react earnestly to satire. Whoops. You and me, @ClickHole, we are all good.”

Clark isn’t the first celebrity to get duped by this recurring ClickHole feature. In May 2015, the site “quoted” Anderson Cooper, and the CNN anchor responded skeptically before correcting his mistake (only) six minutes later: “Probably should have looked at what @Clickhole is. Wah, wah.”

We’re going to assume Clark didn’t see her Clickhole shoutout in 2014, when she was included on the site’s list of “9 Musicians Who We’d Definitely Bathe in Their Twilight Years.”

Head over to ClickHole to find out what Clark, Palin, and Ne-Yo “had to say.”