Get to know the Japanese metal idol band
Credit: CBS

If you haven’t heard of Babymetal, now’s the time to learn. The Japanese metal pop band performed their tune “Gimme Chocolate!!” on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tuesday night, marking the group’s U.S. television debut after releasing their anticipated second album Metal Resistance on April 1.

“I’m not sure what I’m about to see, but I”m pretty excited about it,” Colbert told the crowd before Babymetal took the stage in shiny, black dresses with full skirts, backed by ghoul-like instrumentalists with dark eyes and white face paint — the same look the band has been rocking in stage performances this year. (Their world tour kicked off Saturday, when they became the first Japanese band to headline London’s Wembley Arena. See a full list of dates on their website.)

“Gimme Chocolate!!” has become a massive single for the band, with more than 45 million views on YouTube, but Babymetal has had a rabid following since releasing their first album, Babymetal, in 2014. Vocalists Su-Metal, 18, Yuimetal, 16 and Moametal, 16 sing high-energy pop tunes over higher-energy thrashing metal guitars and drums to create an addictive, campy marriage of sounds.

“We might have danced a little too hard to @BABYMETAL_JAPAN just now,” The Late Show tweeted after the show. “Is everything supposed to hurt?”