'We had a good laugh,' Hoult tells EW

By Dana Getz
April 05, 2016 at 02:06 PM EDT

Nicholas Hoult is no stranger to a daft, drug-fueled scheme, having played mischievous teen Tony Stonem on Skins back in 2008. As a dogged A&R dude in Kill Your Friends, however, his antics take a lethal turn, pitting him against James Corden’s Roger Waters in a murderous ploy to land music’s next big act.

But Hoult tells EW his scenes with Corden are more silly than savage. “We’re doing wild things. We’re kind of partying and he’s dancing around in his underpants, and then I’m trying to kill him with a dog leash,” he says. “We had a good laugh.”

While Corden is best known for his similarly comical shenanigans on The Late Late Show, Hoult also points out that the 37-year-old host built his acting chops across the pond before hitting it big stateside. “Obviously everybody knows him now as a talk show host,” he says. “A brilliant, funny, wise-cracking, smart guy, and his show is wonderful for that, but he originally was known in Britain as an actor.”

Watch Hoult detail his on-screen hijinx with Corden in the video above.