The veteran singer and actress was born April 3, 1924

To commemorate her 92nd birthday on Sunday, songstress and actress Doris Day shared an exclusive photo with PEOPLE on her special day with her beloved dog “Squirrely.”

The legendary star, wearing her trademark smile, celebrated the day with close friends in Carmel, California.

“I’m not really fond of birthdays anymore,” she previously told PEOPLE in an exclusive statement. “Age is just a number. How you feel and live your life is more important. But again this year, the Doris Day Animal Foundation team is putting on another big celebration and I am so grateful and honored that fans and friends come from all over the world to help support the precious four-leggers.”


Day remains dedicated to her animals and her foundation and hopes her fans will make an effort to support dogs in need and support her foundation.

“Her biggest birthday wish is that every four-legged friend have a warm bed, plenty to eat, and lots of love,” says her publicist Charley Cullen Walters. “An email blast went out to all her fans with a link to donate to and she was thrilled at the response.”

Meanwhile, as Day told PEOPLE two year ago, she’s in a good place. “I feel young and I enjoy good and healthy things,” she said. “Live life to the fullest … It’s not coming back again.”